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Project Hope

One of the way First B loves like Jesus is by serving the schools around us.  Every year, One Hope, a local network of churches organizes an intitiative called Project Hope, making it simple for churches to help schools around them.This year, we partnered with Monroe Middle School to pressure wash around the entire school, weed their school garden, wash every single window in... Read Full Article

Missing God in All of...THIS!

I had a few things to do before I sat down to write this morning: start the coffeemaker, take my pills, lay out clothes for the day,  empty the dishwasher. But, the dishes aren’t clean—again! I KNOW I turned it on last night—I heard it running. And run it did, but without water. So THEN I had to wash those dishes by hand. Where is my dish drainer? Arrgghh! What ELSE... Read Full Article

In Memory Of

Memorial Day is usually one of those holidays we all look forward to because if offers a three-day weekend. We make our plans to take a quick trip to the coast or visit with family and friends, but how often do we take time to reflect on the meaning of this holiday? I would venture to guess that we spend more time caught up... Read Full Article

In HIStory

Good Morning and Welcome to Harlow Sunday! How great it is to be a part of God’s Story at Camp Harlow! This is a big anniversary for us as we are celebrating 65 Years of Life Change and Transformation at Camp Harlow. But the early pages of the Harlow story were being written decades before Frank and Gertrude Harlow donated 200 acres of land to First Baptist Church in 1949. On... Read Full Article

A Legacy of Motherhood

Mother’s Day is one of those annual holidays that often catches me off guard. I usually realize that it’s coming the week before,  and then panic that I haven’t yet sent a card to my mom in Alaska, which means she won’t even receive the card until after Mother’s Day. This is when I usually feel chagrined for being too self-absorbed and forgetful. Of... Read Full Article


Here in Eugene, Oregon is a restaurant called ‘Café Yumm”. Their main entrée is a simple dish called a yumm bowl, with a basis of rice and beans and ‘yumm sauce’.It’s yummy!I never get tired of it It is a favorite meeting place with many of my friends because it is delicious, nutritious, even cheap. The company has prospered and has many branches here,... Read Full Article

The BIG DEAL with Easter

Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, Easter Sunday…What’s the big deal?We know Easter means pastel colors, candy on sale, and overstuffed bunnies bigger than Santa Clause the morning after Christmas. As a kid, I remember Easter was about getting as much candy as possible and then brokering candy trades with the other kids. Is that it? Is there more than big bonnets and brunch buffets?Well, all... Read Full Article

Triumphal to Triumphant

Palm Sunday comes and goes every year. Sometimes we remember the triumphal entry, but many times we don’t. I remember, as a child, staggering down the aisles of my boyhood church waving plastic palm branches to the song “Hosanna” while trying to find the familiar faces of my mom and dad in the audience. As adults, we smile and think the kids are so cute, but does it lead... Read Full Article

Stay Sharp with FBC's AXIOM

LOOKING FOR A PLACE… where you can learn more about what it means to “live, love, and lead like Jesus?’ Where you can get a grip on faith, belief, reason, and doubt? Where you can grow in your understanding of the Bible and how to study it…even how to teach it? Where you can ask and probe tough questions about Christianity, learn how to... Read Full Article


I read something this morning that resonated for me, making perfect sense. Maybe you’ve heard it before—I hadn’t. Grace Equals God’s  Riches  At  Christ’s  Expense That is His great gift to us. We experience the richness of His love, peace and joy—eternal life—because of the price Jesus paid on the cross. I didn’t pay one cent for this privilege. It was mine from the hour I first believed. It took a while for me to grasp this—in fact,... Read Full Article

Blueprint for Membership

I’ve been attending First Baptist Church since 1999 (except for a short 10-month hiatus in CA). I remember first moving to Eugene from Alaska to start graduate school and wanting a church family with whom to connect and some solid biblical teaching to keep me accountable and growing. I remember resonating with the pastor’s messages the first weeks I attended and thinking, “This is where I belong.” Of course, I... Read Full Article

When the One You Want to Help the Least Needs You the Most

An exhausted young mother tosses the question out onto social media, “Does anyone have any tips for getting a baby to sleep through the night?”   Commenters eagerly pounce.   We love to share our opinions. We love to share what has worked for us. We’re eager to see our chosen method be successful for someone else. I’m convinced that posts asking for advice receive the most comments of all. She’ll get answers... Read Full Article

Growing in Grace

I grew up in a home that reached out to others. Mom served selflessly in church music, and Dad ultimately, gave up his successful medical practice to serve the forgotten, poverty stricken peoples of the northern highlands of South Vietnam. He and Mom lived there until forced out by advancing Viet Cong troops. Even as they poured their lives out for others, I, as... Read Full Article

College Ministry: Praises & Changes

THANK YOU!First and foremost, THANK YOU! It has been a privilege to serve as FBC’s College Pastor. FBC has continued to love and support college students, and I am so grateful! We have some big changes coming and wanted to keep you updated with how you can support, pray and be involved with CCF College Students. BIG CHANGES – From Sunday Night to Thursday Night For... Read Full Article

Living Alive in Christ

I admit it…I’m a person who likes lists. I’m very task-oriented. There are pros and cons to being task-oriented: I can get a lot done but can also miss out on a relationship or connection with another person. AND, I can also miss out on connecting with God and the tasks He’s allotted for me to do—often doing ‘good’ things but probably not the ‘best’ things. I find that... Read Full Article

A River or a Reservoir?

I was having coffee with a good friend several weeks ago, and we were discussing the many things that God had been teaching us. As we began to discuss the challenges of understanding biblical stewardship, my friend quickly said, It’s pretty simple: is your life more like a river or a reservoir? I wondered if we had suddenly switched our conversation back to fishing. My first response was, “What?” He restated... Read Full Article

FEAR: Unhinged

Abridged article for the bulletin below---------------------------Hello, my name is Jenae, and I worry. I mean, who doesn’t right? We all struggle to consciously put our trust in God’s perfect plan. But then there are the doozies…the big’uns. I vividly remember holding my one -year-old nephew Daniel in my arms as we slow danced at my sister’s wedding last December. He was tired, and rested his precious head on my shoulder. I closed... Read Full Article

Missions R Us

You will be my witnesses…(Acts 1:8)One of our greatest privileges as created beings is to partner with God-Himself in spreading Good News around the world. Through prayer, service and financial giving, you are a partner to the spreading of the Good News! In the name of Jesus, our church has given food to the hungry. You helped give Christmas gifts to children in our community.... Read Full Article