Missions R Us

You will be my witnesses…(Acts 1:8)

One of our greatest privileges as created beings is to partner with God-Himself in spreading Good News around the world. Through prayer, service and financial giving, you are a partner to the spreading of the Good News! 

In the name of Jesus, our church has given food to the hungry. You helped give Christmas gifts to children in our community. Individuals in this church have mowed the lawns of elderly neighbors, have volunteered in community events and have created relationships throughout Lane County. Many of you have shared the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus with these friends. This is missional living. You are missionaries as you live, love and lead like Jesus.

As a congregation, you have helped to provide salaries to a global team of career missionaries. Because of your partnership with God, there are new believers on four continents. In some cases, those believers are now teaching others about Christ, producing multiple generation believers. In other parts of the world, some are praying for the first time, using Scriptures that are just newly translated. God, in his gracious plan, allows us to have a part in that. 

Please come next week to Missions Sunday as we celebrate God’s work around the world. Our theme is The Unchanging Gospel in a Changing World. Many of our missionaries will be here. Please drop by their tables in the Lobby and get to know them. Take home their literature. Adopt a family and choose to pray on a regular basis. Pick up a copy of our PRAYER 2014 booklet so that you can uphold these workers throughout the year. Together, we will be witnesses as God partners with First Baptist Church to spread Good News!

Here is another great example of a way to get involved in missional living: Mission Connexion! We live 100 miles from this premiere missions event. There will be 125 workshops. Free admission! One of the plenary speakers is our own Roberta King. More information is available in the Lobby today. 

January 16-18
Cross Roads Community Church 
(7708 NE 78th) Vancouver, Washington