Stay Sharp with FBC's AXIOM

04/07/2014 10:34 AM | By Corey Rose, Executive Pastor

LOOKING FOR A PLACE… where you can learn more about what it means to “live, love, and lead like Jesus?’ Where you can get a grip on faith, belief, reason, and doubt? Where you can grow in your understanding of the Bible and how to study it…even how to teach it? Where you can ask and probe tough questions about Christianity, learn how to defend your faith, and hone your ability to share the Gospel? 

LOOKING FOR AN OPPORTUNITY… where you can begin to remove the haze of confusion that often surrounds “theology” and be able to gain a solid and exciting grasp on “biblical doctrine?” Where you can dig into topics like the atonement, reconciliation, justification, sanctification, the Trinity, and salvation? Where you can compare one belief system with another, understand the differences, and gain a biblical understanding on topics like tolerance, diversity, and unity? 

LOOKING FOR A SETTING… where you can learn how to practically live out your faith in everyday life? Where you can learn how to cultivate meaningful relationships with others, including your own friends, parents, kids, grandkids, spouse, or neighbors? Where you can gain a biblical understanding of masculinity, femininity, and what it means to be a man or woman of God? Where you can learn about who you are in Christ and how He wants to use you? Where you can get a better grasp on what the Bible teaches about money, communication, conflict, sexuality, work, sin, decision-making, spiritual gifts, creativity, justice, marriage, singleness, leadership, and all kinds of other topics we hunger to know more about, but have a hard time even knowing where to begin to look for trusted answers?

LOOKING FOR AN ENVIRONMENT… like this? Then welcome to FBC’s “AXIOM”– adult elective classes aimed at helping you sharpen your knowledge, skills, and character—to help you become more of the person God created you to be. Welcome to a ministry environment committed to helping you learn how to grow and stay sharp in life. Because as Ecclesiastes 10:10 aptly puts it, “Using a dull ax requires great strength, so sharpen the blade.” Jump into an AXIOM class this Spring and come “sharpen your blade” with us.

AXIOM Classes coming this Spring 2014:
  • Discovering Jesus: a class designed to help those searching to understand (and help others understand) the claims of Jesus.   
  • Understanding Baptism: a class geared for those interested in being baptized to wade through some of the key questions and answers surrounding this important topic. 
  • Christians and Mental Health: an informational and resource-based class for those living with loved ones affected by one or more of a variety of mental issues facing us today. 
  • Parenting on Purpose: an introduction to laying a firm foundation of faith for our children, starting with the end in mind as we seek to help them cultivate a life-long faith of their own. 
  • Boundaries: a class providing people with an opportunity to learn Biblical principles for relating to one another, particularly when it comes to relationships, communication, and conflict. 
  • All About Life Groups and the Joy of Leading One: an interactive, fast-paced class that will let you see and experience how a small group of friends can unpack God’s Word in ways you have never imagined. 
  • Dealing With Doubt: a class committed to taking an honest and biblical look at faith, doubt, and (the beauty of) uncertainty 
  • Culture Soup II: Our Kids, The Web, and Media: a class aimed at helping parents be better equipped with tools that will help them be able to better guide their children through the web of the Web. 

AXIOM Registration:
The spring schedule (including a registration form) for AXIOM classes is available as a bulletin insert, at the Info Desk, and the FBC Office. Questions? Contact Pastor Corey Rose (541-345-0341/ or Pastor John Jaskilka (541-345-0341 /