Looking for specific ministry opportunities besides the multitudes we offer at CCF? Then consider the following:

  1. Interested in taking care of roses? Have an hour or two to help roses flourish at Camp Harlow? Contact Bud Lavely at bdlavely@juno.com
  2. Children Ministry: We have a many ways that you can help out with children during all three services at First Baptist Church on a Sunday morning ranging from nursery to fifth grade. Contact John Jaskilka for more information: johnj@fbceugene.com
  3. Middle School: Have a heart for Middle Schoolers? Check out the many different opportunities to help them out. For more information contact Matt Erdmann at matt@fbceugene.com
  4. High School: First Baptist has a great youth groups that attracts students from all over Eugene and Springfield. If you are wanting to help out with the high school ministry, please contact Rudy Herr at rudy@fbceugene.com for more information.