What To Expect When You Visit FBC

When you visit First Baptist Church (FBC), we hope you will find a place where you quickly feel a part of a genuine and welcoming community, filled with people who are seeking to authentically live, love, and lead like Jesus. On a typical Sunday, you'll see all kinds of people from all walks of life. From children to senior adults, from singles to young-marrieds, from parents to great-grandparents, from divorced to remarried, from special needs to caregivers, FBC is truly a multi-generational community of faith.

We would be honored to have you visit any one of our weekly Sunday Services. And please come as you are. There's no dress code or anything silly like that.

Below are some answers to common questions that we hope will help you know what to expect when visiting.

What are the weekend service times and when should I arrive?

8:30 AM


A moving and traditional style of worship, often including hymns, piano, organ, and choir.

10:00 AM


Contemporary worship service led by a full band including both new and old songs of praise.

11:30 AM

New Contemporary

Contemporary worship service that is more informal and includes a Q&A time and weekly communion

Currently, we have three different worship services every Sunday morning, each lasting about 70 minutes. All services include a time of encouraging praise and worship, as well as, relevant and practical biblical teaching. If you are visiting with children, we recommend you arrive 20 minutes early so that we can help you find your children's meeting room before the service begins.

What is the Preaching & Teaching like?

We preach and teach from the Bible. The preaching and teaching is relevant, practical, and dynamic as it focuses on Jesus and the Good News He offers to our world through grace.

Typically, each service includes the same Bible teaching for the day.

What kind of music should I expect during the praise & worship?

Passionate praise and worship is a vital part of who we are! We seek to create a variety of environments and styles to express our love and devotion to Jesus.

The first service is ideally suited for those desiring a more traditional worship experience including hymns, piano, organ, and choir. [more information]

The second and third services are more contemporary in their worship styles and include a full band. [more information]

What programs are available for my kids?

1st B Kids

Kids will love our Children's Ministry! We believe children are treasured gifts from God and we do all we can to provide a safe, fun, and quality environment for them.

1st B Kids is ready to serve all kids (from 8 week old infants through high energy 5th graders) who come to any of the three services on a Sunday morning.

What can a middle or high school student expect to find?

Our youth ministries are committed to loving, supporting, and connecting students through relevant biblical teaching, great music, fun activities, and lots of opportunities to make friends and build relationship. Groups meet each Sunday during the second hour, as well as, throughout the week in various venues.

Youth Group Gathering

How will I know where to go when I get there?

Everyone at our church was new at one time or another and we remember what it was like to be a visitor. So to make your visit easier, we have people who are part of our Welcome Team to greet you and answer any questions you may have. They are easy to find near the entrances into the Main Lobby (also known as the Atrium).

Welcome Team members will be happy to point you in the right direction, help you get your kids to the right location, and provide you with information about our various ministries. There is also an Information Center located in the Main Lobby (Atrium) which is always ready to help.