After a decade of tours, festivals and fly out dates across the nation with his band, Calling Simon, Levi Bagge began his solo career in Maryland by opening for the Grammy Award-winning, Jars of Clay, raising support for a local charter school whose mission he championed. This festival was the first of many to fuel a passion for writing and performing songs aimed at a purpose larger than himself.


After writing five albums and an EP, Levi teamed up in 2013 with Nashville-based producer, Ian Eskelin, to create his full-length album, Harlow, which served as the motion-picture soundtrack for the film by the same name. The overwhelming listener response was immediate, making it evident that the maturation of Levi's gift for writing and producing heart-stirring anthems resonated deeply with his audience.


Drawing on his various life titles of worship pastor, father and husband, Levi continues to write inspired songs that move listeners through timely lyrics, catchy rhythms and beautiful melodies. And his ministry goal is simple: to foster a desire in us all to live for more. 


For Levi, though, this is more than a ministry mantra, but a way of living his own life, which makes the artistic integrity of his purpose message inarguably more authentic. As he so aptly articulates from the Harlow album, "Let's change the world we live in by the way we lead, renewing hearts with a compassion that our faith should bring..."


If you have the opportunity to experience this singer-songwriter in concert, you will not be disappointed. His performances radiate a message that has generated an active following drawn to the hope and promise that pours forth.