The Payment - Jason Gallic

Jason Gallic and Levi Bagge | 03/31/2013

The Payment - a short Easter film feat. Jason Gallic from FBC Eugene on Vimeo.

The Spoken Word presentation; The Payment,  tells a story of an aging man lamenting on the sins of the past.  This story quickly moves the listener from passively engaging, to introspection.  A story of Sin, Regret, and continual failure is climactically fulfilled with the Truth of the Cross.  That Christ already has paid the debt we owe.  Once and for all, our sin is paid and Christ wants us all to simply give our all to Him.  This Spoken Word Piece is one that will surely give you a better picture of the Sacrifice of Christ and how He views us, despite the road blocks of guilt and shame in our spiritual lives.  

Spoken Word-Music by Jason Gallic and  Levi Bagge.  
Film by Jacob Jacobson and Hunter Gray.  
Additional production by Nicolas Kauffmann and Corey Lofthus.
A No Greater Love Production.  
All rights reserved NGL Records 2013 (c)


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