Welcome to 1st B Kids 

We’re so glad you’re planning to visit! This page will give you an idea of what to expect on your visit, and even allow you to fill out of info form ahead of time. We can’t wait to meet you and get your kids plugged into our great programs.


Start you visit at our 1st B Kids desk in the lobby. We’ll have you fill out an info form (or you can do it online, here) so we know a little more about you and your kiddos. Our helpful Volunteers and staff will enter that data into our computer system and print out a Name Tag for each child and a security pick-up badge for you. The pick-up badge can be torn in 2 so there is one for each parent.

Safety and Security is one of our core values, so you’ll notice that we take lots of measures to make sure your kids are safe!

Kid’s nametags say their class name and room number on them, and we’ve got volunteers that would love to help walk you to class.

Once you’ve gotten your child, or children, to class you can head to service. Make sure to note the 3 digit “family number” on your security badge, as that is the number we will put up on the pager boxes if your child needs you.

There are 2 pager boxes in the main sanctuary (note where they are when you find your seat), and several others throughout the church.


After service, head to your child’s class to pick them up. Make sure you have your security badge ready, as our staff and volunteers will make sure your security code matches the one on your childs badge. (these security codes are newly randomly generated each week)

Once you’ve decided 1st Baptist is the place for you, let us know. We’ll get you entered into our permanent database and do a vein scan (not a fingerprint) of your index finger. Then each time you come you’ll just use one of our 6 check-in stations to scan your finger and print name tags, it’s so easy!

Visitors in Classroom

We have made a commitment to interview and background check each and every volunteer who helps in our program. If a parent wants to stay in class with their child they need to wear a “parent visitor”.

Evacuation Plan

Each classroom has an evacuation plan posted by the door and our volunteers are trained on what to do if the church evacuates. 1st B Kids gather in the far East corner of the gravel parking by our Safety Tree


Please let us know at the front desk if your child has any allergies, so we can put this info on their nametag. Stickers are also provided at each classroom to help make sure allergies on tags are noticed by all classroom helpers.

Only Saltine Crackers and Cheerios are served in our Nursery on Sundays to help reduce allergy risks. Older children have more varied snacks during Kid Church and Kid Life.

We are so excited you are planning to visit and we can’t wait to meet you!

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