Button Pushers (Spring 2016)

Button pushers come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common: Their behavior drives us crazy and makes us dream of ways to escape the mess we’re in. This person is most likely someone you care very much about. This class will give you the tools through a spiritual foundation not only to understand your trying situation, but also to learn how to influence that difficult person in your life to change in positive . (Boundaries is a prerequisite)

Facilitator:Glen Eickmeyer (glene@fbceugene.com)
Contact:Renewal Ministries@ 541-345-0341 Ext 226 or renewal@fbceugene.com (please indicate in inquiry specific name of class you are interested in attending)
Spring 2016, Sunday mornings

$12.50 (6 week class)
Located at the kiosk in the church lobby OR we can email you one
Boundaries is a required pre-requisite for this class

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