Below is a list of the numerous Bible Studies conducted each week for adults. Everyone and anyone is welcome. Use the form to the right to contact us if you have any questions. Please be sure and include what class you are interested in if any.

Ambassadors - Al Houck

This class employs an expository teaching style with classroom discussion welcomed and encouraged. The strength of the class lies in prayer support and encouragement for each other. 10:05 AM - Rm. 215

Crusader Fellowship - Jim Young

This class searches for principles and their applications in books of the Bible as well as an occasional contemporary book. It uses probing questions to encourage feedback from the combined wisdom in the class. We hope to benefit from a cross section of generations and experiences and desire those of any age to attend. 10:05 AM - Rm. 127

Kings Class - Marlin Schultz

This class is a caring, organized and active group of people. A book of the Bible is taught in a lecture/discussion format with study questions provided for those who want to study the passage during the week. 10:05 AM - Rm. 106

Phidelis (faithful) - Bill Wilson

This class is for all ages focusing on book studies, Bible study strategies and fellowship. Our first book of study will be Philippians. The approach is discussion/lecture with questions developed for each session. 10:05 AM - Rm. 300

Potter's Clay - Chris Bolz & Dick Bowers

Open to all adults. This class includes topical studies and Biblical exposition with an emphasis on 'searching the scriptures'. 10:05 AM - Rm. 303

Discovering Jesus

Designed to answer foundational questions about Christianity and First Baptist Church. 10:05 AM - Rm. 102 11:25 AM - Rm. 102

International Families

This is a class for all internationals, including families and students. The Bible is taught in English with some translation available in other languages. Fun activities and Bible studies are available during the week. 11:25 AM - Rm. 300

Sermon P.S. - David Ortega

A class of people who want to be part of an international community of believers learning to care for one another. The class discusses the sermon for the day and seeks to gain further biblical understanding and application. 11:25 AM - Rm. 127


This is our "Introduction to Missions" class and is a prerequisite for short term missions and can be taken for enrichment / certificate or college/graduate credit. Please check with the Missions Dept. for the next scheduled class.

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