Life Development  Involvement In Ministry Fellowship With Others Experiencing God
A Life Group is a small group of Middle School students, 6-8 in a group, same grade, same gender, that meet weekly, during the school year months, with an adult leader for the purpose of--
  • Life Development
  • Discipleship   
  • Involvement In Ministry
  • Ministry
  • Fellowship With Others
  • Fellowship
  • Experiencing God
  • Worship
A Life Group is for a student who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and has a sincere desire to grow in that relationship with God.

A Life Group is for an adult who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and desires to help younger believers grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Life Groups are Discipleship oriented with the goal of challenging young people to continued commitment to Jesus Christ.  It is about developing them in their faith, involving them in Ministry and Service, offering times of Christian Fellowship with other believers, and experiencing God through times of Worship, Prayer, and Bible Study.

A Life Group is not primarily social.  Though there are social aspects of a Life Group, and often times social events occur within groups, the primary focus is serious spiritual growth, study of God’s Word, development of one’s walk with the Lord, and a desire to help students get involved in ministry opportunities.

A Life Group leader’s main purpose will be to--

Love God & Others Input God’s Word Focus Fully on Christ Encourage Spiritual Growth

A Life Group Leader, by Living out Love, Inputting God’s Word, Focusing on Christ, and Encouraging students in their relationship with Christ will be modeling and mentoring to young lives and challenging the students in their group to deeper commitments in Christ and better understandings of who He is.

A Life Group Leader will essentially be shepherding the students that are in his/her Life Group.  In the large group setting students can get lost, feel disconnected and overlooked.  The Life Group setting allows for students to experience personal relationship and to see faith lived out in a practical way through the life of their leader.

What does a LIFE GROUP meeting look like?

LIFE-Groups meet on Monday nights from 6:00-8:00pm, in the Middle School Room, during the school year months.  We eat a good meal, pray, worship and then break into groups. 

During the course of the meeting time, there would be study/discussion time, share time, prayer time, and then relational time.  The meeting would consist of looking into God’s Word, discussing the topic or passage, spending time in prayer and encouragement as well as taking time to interact, have fun, build relationships and create memories.

Life Groups are all about helping students come closer and become more intimate with the One who loves them and cares for them more than they even know.

Jesus said, “ I am the way, the truth, and the life “  John 14:6

We want students to experience that life and experience it “to the full “ John 10:10

We also want adults who have experienced that and are willing, able, and excited
about helping young people Get a L. I. F. E.

Our Mission

We exist to Direct students to Jesus Christ, to Develop them in their faith, to encourage Dependence on Christ and His people, as well as, to challenge each person to
Discover their ministry as they Dedicate their whole lives to God.

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