What are Life Groups?

What are Life Groups? Let’s start with a few questions.

Corey O'Connell

Life Groups Pastor
Extension: 262

Do you enjoy friends and family? Do you enjoy fellowship? Do you enjoy eating and celebrating life with others? Do you enjoy helping and encouraging others? Do you have a desire to grow closer to Jesus? Do you know others who need Jesus in their life? If you answered yes to one of these questions, then doing Life together in a Group is for you.

This ministry captured my heart as the Lord helped me see that He has given each of us the privilege, responsibility and stewardship of His most precious treasure; His People. God created us for relationships. He never intended for any of us to go at it alone. That’s why everyone regardless of age needs meaningful relationships and friendships in their lives, including you.

Life Groups are where people at all stages of life come to know God and experience His presence, and where they come to know each other and cultivate community. In Life Groups, people learn what it means to love each other, encourage each other, serve each other, and challenge each other. They are relational environments where people are free to be real with one another – where a group of people can learn to Live, Love, and Lead like Jesus.

If you stopped right now to list the things that meant the most to you over the past 15 years, would it be the things that you owned or the relationships that you have? Life Groups are about those relationships. It is sharing our life stories with each other, sharing the life story of Jesus together and seeing how Jesus knits our lives together to become a community.

Life Groups are more than a place to BELONG;
they are a place to BECOME.

In the life of Jesus, His earthly ministry emphasized the small group from the beginning to the end. When He began His public ministry, one of His first acts was to establish His small group—the disciples (Matt. 4:18-22; Luke 6:13). He would end up spending the majority of His time with them in relational environments where He constantly devoted Himself to helping them grow in life, love, and leadership. And while Jesus often proclaimed the Kingdom of God to large crowds, He also met with smaller groups of people in homes (Matt. 26:6). While both large and small groups were vitally important in His life, it is interesting to note that His ministry to small groups often preceded His ministry to large groups. In many ways, Jesus’ small group ministry was the backbone of His ministry.

Life Groups are people who have intentional growing relationships with the Lord and each other, and who use those relationships to help fulfill Christ’s mission for the Church. It is, “Doing Life together on Mission with God.” It is that simple.

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