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Leading a Life Group

Thank you for your interest in leading a life group. Life Groups at First Baptist are the primary method for “grounding” people in community. If you have 2-3 hours a week to devote to ministry, enjoy making new connections, helping others become part of the church family, and applying God’s Word, than we encourage you to find out more about leading a Life Group. Our commitment to all our Life Group Leaders is that if you connect with people we will provide: 

  • Absolutely no teaching is required. Just facilitate the discussion
  • We provide interactive training that equips you to get you started
  • Group curriculums are easy to use and require little preparation
  • Facilitator Guides make it easy enough for anyone to lead
  • You have a support team of experienced and trained leaders to assist and encourage you

Hosting a Life Group

Do you like the idea of leading a life group but don’t feel ready to be a Life Group leader? Hosting a group might be a good option for you. If you have a comfortable area to seat 10-14 people once a week and enjoy having people in your home, then you can host a group. You will be matched with a Life Group leader and begin the process of connecting with others in our community. If hosting a group appeals to you, then please contact the church.

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