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Start or Facilitate a Life Group - We make it EASY!

We understand that leaders come in a wide variety of personalities, gifting, and ministry styles. We also recognize that when we ask the question of who is qualified to facilitate a Life Group, the answers often move to one of two extremes. The first extreme is to raise the bar so high regarding qualifications that even the Apostle Paul would have trouble qualifying to facilitate a Life Group. The other extreme is to set the bar so low that people believe anyone with a pulse can lead a Life Group. We refuse to fall into either extreme. Instead, we believe the qualifications are indeed high in Scripture, but we do not believe they equate to perfection or sainthood. In other words, the qualifications are challenging, but they are also very achievable and doable. We also believe time must be factored into these qualifications since every leader is to be growing in them, and many of the characteristics simply take time to develop.

  • Absolutely no teaching is required. Just facilitate the discussion
  • We provide interactive training that equips you to get you started
  • Group curriculums are easy to use and require little preparation
  • Facilitator Guides make it easy enough for anyone to lead
  • You have a support team of experienced and trained leaders to assist and encourage you

All that is needed to host a life group

  • A comfortable area to seat a group of 10-14 people in a circle once per week.
  • Convenient areas for 5 to 7 cars to park close.
  • That’s it.
  • Snacks are usually shared by all group members.
  • Water to drink for group members is always appreciated but not required.
  • You and your Life Group Facilitator can get other group members involved to provide any other needs.

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