OAF Wives of Combat Veterans (Operation Always and Forever)

This is a healing study and process for wives of Combat Veterans. 

This study will guide you to:

  • Understand what happened to your husband-spiritually, psychologically and physiologically.
  • Understand how your husband's trauma symptoms are affecting her.
  • Learn how to deal positively with grief, loss and forgiveness issues with your husband's PTSD.
  • Learn how to build you own healing place.
  • Learn how you can contribute to your own husbands healing.
  • Understand the process of moving on to your "new normal"


The Study Groups are open to the wives of veterans of all eras.  (See also Rally Point)





Facilitator:Julie Stewart
Contact:Renewal Ministries @ 541-345-0341 Ext 226 or renewal@fbceugene.com
Time/Location:Tuesdays (7:00-8:30pm) Rm. 127 year round 
Registration:Located at the kiosk in the church lobby OR we can email you one

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