The Big D (Divorce Care for Teens)

Is your mid-school or high school child angry or depressed because of the divorce/separation of their parents? Are they acting out, having trouble at school or isolating themselves? Bring them to The Big D, a special place for teens (grades 6-12) to find help and healing. 

At our weekly group, teens make friends with other kids who understand what it feels like when their parents break up. Our Big D group combines games, activities, music and DVD clips to create a fun atmosphere where teens feel comfortable and accepted. Our well-trained and caring leaders will welcome your teen and lovingly guide them through the 13 weeks of incredible curriculum toward healing. Topics will include: Stepping Stones to Healing, Getting a Grip on Your Anger, Identifying Your Feelings, Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Life after Divorce. 

For more information on the Big D program, check out the national website at

Facilitator:Dave Baumgartner
Contact:Renewal Ministries@ 541-345-0341 Ext 226 or
Begins in January and September, Tuesdays September 9th, 2014 (6:30-8:30pm)
$25 (14 week course) CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED
Located at the kiosk in the church lobby OR we can email you one

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